Adley’s BRAiN GAME!! Finding Memories for B I N G O a family 2020 recap MOViE review with Niko ????

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???? memories of all our favorite memories ????


HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome back to my channel and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! My family and I are excited to spend another year with you!! Today we wanted to look back on some of my favorite memories from 2020! A lot of crazy things happened and also a lot of fun things happened! I got to have a unicorn in my house, we built a pirate ship, we have all gotten magic makeovers, my dad and I got to shrink down to the size of Polly Pocket, we snuck into the spacestation and had a spa day, my little sister Navey was born, and my family and I got to spend a lot of time together! Thank you to everyone who watches our videos! We are so grateful to you!

my last video - DAD vs ROBBERS - Stealing Adley videos THE MOViE! Spy Girl & Hacker Mom escape from house WiFi cops

my dad's last video - SNOW DAY!! Adley & Niko play with winter toys! feeding animals! surprise cabin vacation with kids!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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