Battle Pass Season IV: Progressive Styles, Tokens, and Other Rewards

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Battle Pass Season IV begins in World of Tanks! The Season will last for almost three months and consist of three Chapters. At the start of each Chapter, select one of the three progressive styles: Welsh Blues for the T110E3, Icebreaker for the 121, or Polar Bear for the Object 705A. You'll get a unique character for completing each Chapter: Vasiliy Badaev, Shan Ling, or George Barton.

This Season, you can select not only a character's major qualification but also their nation to recruit them for any vehicle.

Complete Stages and get new customization elements, days of World of Tanks Premium Account, blueprint fragments, standard and Bounty equipment, as well as many other rewards! There will also be Tokens among them. You'll be able to exchange them for rare vehicles in a special section of the in-game Store. Good luck on the battlefield!

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