⚓ Battleship Battle ☸ Roblox Rubox free gift card code giveaway July 2020 first code video of three

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Our first of three videos that contain a hidden code piece! We Play Battleship Battle! Father and Son Gaming

The rules are simple we will place part of the code for the Robux in some of our next uploaded videos. Videos with the code will be marked Live videos will not contain the code. You don't need to do anything to win outside of being the first person to get the three code pieces. I take no responsibility in the giveaway other than pasting the three parts of the single code. There is only one code!

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Three new ships added!

Dive into the midst of destruction on the high seas!
Experience the brutal effectiveness of modern naval warfare as you bombard the enemy battleship with turrets, machine guns, and cannons.

Sink them before they sink you!

Press Ctrl or right click in first-person to zoom.

On mobile, check your backpack for more gear items.
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