Death Guard VS Ultramarines Warhammer 40k Battle Report. Guilliman VS Mortarion.

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Mortarion and his Death Guard have come forth from the warp to spread Nurgle's gift on the ravaged Imperium and only Guilliman and the Ultramarines stand in his way. In this ultimate showdown of brother versus brother, Primarch versus Primarch we shall see what is mightier, the shield or the hammer.

This is 40k in 40m Season 3 Episode 7, Nurgle's lucky number.

Tak is back with his Ultramarines to square off against Tycho who brings a deadly Death Guard force containing Mortarion, his favourite Daemon prince Ochyt the Destroyer, and two Plagueburst Crawlers as well as Deathschroud and Blightlord Terminators. The Ultramarines are led by the Avenging Son, Guilliman who commands three dreadnoughts, two squads of Eradicators, and Bladeguard Veterans as well as Infiltrators and Intercessors.

We are humbled to be sponsored by Vallejo! Both armies were painted with Vallejo paints. Tak especially loves the effect on his Death Guard using the Vallejo Mecha Fluorescent Green.

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