DJI Mini 2 CINEMATIC Tutorial | 7 Basic B-Roll Movement for Beginners

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DJI Mini 2 Cinematic Movements Tutorial | Basic and Easy B-Roll Moves for Beginners

⚡ ND Filters (Individual Ones):
⚡ ND Filters (Combo):
⚡ ND Filters (Freewell Combo):
⚡ DJI Mini 2:

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F O L L O W M E:

0:00 Intro
0:54 Settings Overview
2:08 Cinematic Move #1
2:53 Cinematic Move #2
4:09 Cinematic Move #3
4:40 Cinematic Move #4
5:18 Cinematic Move #5
6:00 Cinematic Move #6
6:28 Cinematic Move #7
About: 7 Basic Moves that will help you achieve better B-Roll and videoclips with your drone
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