MASSIVE Nov 2020 Duck Game 1.5 Update Out Now! All Major Features!

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QC Duck Game Discord:

Full Patch Notes:

Feature Sections:
Intro: 0:00
New Items and Equipment: 1:09
New Blocks and Map Themes: 7:09
Online Mode & Lobby Changes: 10:07
Chat System Rework: 13:14
Level Editor Rework: 17:10
Misc Changes: 20:04
Competitive Changes: 23:35
Outro: 28:47

Some people have been getting confused but I'm not the developer of this game. That would be Landon (@superjoebob) on twitter.

(Custom Hats also got a major update but I didn't have time to fully showcase them so I will make a separate video for them, sorry I forgot to mention this in the video)

There lots of small changes and details that I Just didn't have time to cover in this video to save time so I recommend you look at full patch notes.

All music is from Duck Game OST. Outro is "yuzo_koshiro_is my_hero"

Jaydex's Texturepack:

FULL Development Notes:
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