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Minecraft Mini-Game Tier List. this might be my best video yet.

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• John 3-16 •​

Background Footage Used:
- @GuudeBoulderfist
- @CaptainSparklez
- @Hypixel Server for Minecraft
- @Swipe

Background Music Used:
- "Aqua Area - Kirby's Return To Dream Land"
- "Internet Settings - Nintendo 3DS"
- "Break The Targets - Super Smash Bros. Melee"
- "Fossil Falls - Super Mario Odyssey"
- "Break The Targets Super Smash Bros. Melee"
- "Nutty Noon - Kirby's Return To Dream Land"
- "Mii Maker - Tomodachi Life"
- "Able Sisters - Animal Crossing: City Folk"
- "Suggestions - Wii Party"
- "File Select - Super Mario Galaxy"
- "Black Tower Entrance - Pokemon Black And White"

in this video I will be ranking the most popular minecraft mini game / mini games, this video was really kool and featured minecraft minigames servers like hypixel / mineplex and the hive, but not minicraft or mini royale. also did you know that minecraft april fools 2021 was just a screensaver called minecraft but that's alright because the dream smp is pretty tommyinnit tiktok pogchamp, also btw this video is not a minecraft games tier list, or a minecraft edition tier list, or even a minecraft update tier list . (:
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