RIP Johnny Crawford, The Rifleman Star Loses His Final Battle

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If you’ve ever been a fan of the wild, wild west, chances are you've heard of Johnny Crawford. The child actor became quite famous when he starred in the hit television series, The Rifleman.
Following his time in a cowboy hat, Johnny went on to have a prolific career in television and film, starring in over 62 movies alone.

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Johnny Crawford was born in March of 1946 in Los Angeles, California. Born in the entertainment capital of the world, Johnny was destined for fame from an early age. When he was just nine years old, his parents forced him to audition to be a Mouseketeer on Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse. Producers loved him and quickly snatched him for the role.

From here, Johnny gained exposure through the TV show and quickly rose to fame. After growing his talent on Mickey’s Clubhouse, Johnny had what it took to go further in the industry, Johnny was cast for a lead role in a new show called “The rifleman”. The rifleman is arguably Johnny’s most famous piece of work. The show was a major hit and loved by fans all around. The show depicted a sweet relationship between the father and son and helped teach viewers and their children many life lessons.

During his time on the show, Johnny pursued his other talents which also played out well for the star. Johnny used his beautiful singing voice to make it into the music industry. Always aiming for more, Johnny also became a member of a Rodeo Association. After years of roping bulls, Johnny took his skills to the United States military where he would serve 2 years.

It is clear that Johnny had ambition and talent. Be sure to watch this whole video to learn about his career and his tragic death.

RIP Johnny Crawford, the Rifleman Star Loses His Final Battle
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