Robot Battle Royale SCP-1370 - Pesterbot (SCP Animation)

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SCP-1370 is a Safe Class anomaly also known as Pesterbot.

SCP 1370 is a self-aware artificial being constructed from various electrical devices and tools. It stands approximately one meter in height and is capable of moving its articulated joints despite the lack of any power source or motors. If SCP1370 encounters an object it believes to be sapient, it will attempt to engage the object in combat while introducing itself with a variety of elaborate titles which appear to be selected at random. Examples include DoomBot 2000, RoboLord the Destructor, Prime Minister Sinister and Darth Claw Killflex.

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Robot Battle Royale SCP-1370 - Pesterbot (SCP Animation) is based on "SCP-1370" by Sorts: and "SCP-1730" by djkaktus:

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