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Anime girls once again proves themselves to be superior.

Cyber Academy: Galaxy Gals, in terms of stats, doesn't quite have any theme but their straightforwardness (save for a couple )
A set filled with many very simple units (mostly due to the fact that this is an extremely old set) that actually proves themselves to be competent despite that, this set is more than just fanservice, as these girls still proves themselves to be strong contender for their niches, even against dragons.

As warned in the video, it is highly advised to roll this set only during guaranteed event if you're rolling with catfood, and to also keep in mind to check out other banners first. Most Uber banners are good enough to roll, but some banners might be more favorable than the others, even if this banner is good. It's all up to your patience and how much risk you want to take.

That being said, even if you're not planning to roll on this set, this video can still be a guideline on the units included in this set if you happen to get them in Uberfest, Epicfest, Buster or other special banners.

Spica link for this banner:

Timestamp for unit reviews:
0:00 Intro
01:28 Divine Windy & Divine Thundia
07:26 Divine Kuu
14:58 Divine Kai
18:06 Divine Coppermine
21:00 Divine Kalisa
25:20 Divine Twinstars
28:36 Divine Myrcia
32:15 Headmistress Jeanne

35:34 Final thoughts

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