STOPPING A ROBBERY IN JAILBREAK! | Blox Buddies (Roblox Animation)

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The Buddies return to Jailbreak to stop a robbery in this funny Roblox animation!! Noob Dax, Oakley, and Claire all join the police force in order to help prevent crime, but soon find out that they need to go protect the Jewelry Store and all the treasures within! They catch one thief, but how many more are hiding inside? Will the Buddies get inside and find the other robbers? Will they save all the precious gems?! Will Oakley ever get over his fear of heights???

Script: Nicole Mackie

Jonah Rashid
Austin Cook (@austinjaycook & )
Marianne Bray
Stephan Pena ()
James O'Byrne
Audio Mixing: James O'Byrne, Tyler Fields
Animation: 84 Animation Studio ()

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