Surge of Power! [Boss Theme] (Mega Man Battle Network 6) - GaMetal Remix

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A few weeks ago marked the 20th anniversary of the Battle Network series, so we're booting up for this remix of Surge of Power! from Mega Man Battle Network 6!

◆ Gameplay by Amateraceon and MirbyStudios (Thank you!)
◆ "Mega Rockman" Shirt by Draculabyte

Back in March, it was brought to my attention that Mega Man Battle Network's 20th anniversary was this year on March 21st. I was neck deep in working on Side-Quests 3 videos at the time, so I couldn't get this done on the exact day, but I made it a high priority to finally get to a full Battle Network remix as soon as I could.

Enter Surge of Power! from Mega Man Battle Network 6, one of the most requested songs from the MMBN series.

I borrowed a few things from the 15th Arrange version of Surge of Power, but mostly kept the feel of the original.


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