WORST Game of 2021?! - Balan Wonderworld Review

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What a truly awful mess of a game but I managed to finish it. Lets dive deep on why this is such a dumpster fire in my review of Balan Wonderworld!

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Balan Wonderworld[b] is a 2021 platform game co-developed by Arzest and Square Enix subsidiary Balan Company, and published by Square Enix. It was released for Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Taking on the role of children Leo Craig or Emma Cole, guided by a magical being called Balan, the player explores twelve worlds themed after the hearts of troubled individuals. Gameplay follows the chosen protagonist as they explore sandbox levels, collecting items to progress to further areas and using a variety of powers unlocked using themed costumes. The game is the debut project from Balan Company, a subsidiary of Square Enix led by Yuji Naka, creator of Sonic the Hedgehog and Nights into Dreams. Beginning production in 2018, it was Naka's first collaboration with artist Naoto Ohshima since Sonic Adventure (1998). The game's aesthetic based around musical theater, with Naka studying the hero's journey when writing the scenario. In this video DreamcastGuy does a brutally honest review of Balan Wonderworld on the PS5 after beating the game and each of the levels. The music, composed by Ryo Yamazaki, emulated musical scores and included vocals from West End theatre performers such as Laura Pitt-Pulford. The cutscenes were created by Visual Works. Balan Wonderworld is a platform game where players take on the role of either Leo Craig or Emma Cole, two children drawn into the magical realm of Wonderworld by a being called Balan. The game plays out across twelve multi-level areas called Chapters. At the beginning of the game only the first Chapter is available, but collecting items called Balan Statues in each area will unlock new each Chapter, Leo or Emma must navigate through a sandbox environment, searching areas for collectables and solving puzzles to progress to the end of the level. Collectables include Balan Statues, and crystalline objects called Drops. While exploring, Leo or Emma find costumes from the cast of each chapter unlocked from crystals using collectable keys. Costumes grant abilities such as hovering, navigating particular hazards and paths, or fighting enemies. When not wearing a costume, Leo and Emma's only available actions are jumping and basic movement. 80 costumes are spread through the stages, some of them in secret locations. Only three costumes can be held at a time; when players acquire a fourth, the costume it replaces is sent into a costume bank which can be accessed at checkpoints. The game uses a simple control scheme, two buttons are used to change between costumes, while other actions aside from basic movement are mapped to all other buttons.
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